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Conservatory and atrium window film

Hotels, bars and care homes often have conservatories or atriums for guests or residents to relax and enjoy. They become uncomfortably hot in summer and difficult to heat in winter as windows allow heat in and out easily.

Conservatory and atrium window film will reduce the level of solar heat and glare drastically. This improves temperature control and protects furniture from fading. Window film can be installed to existing windows keeping installation quick and simple.

Window film vs blinds

Blinds don’t prevent heat coming in through windows unless you opt for expensive solar blinds. Yes they provide shade however, if you want to enjoy the views then you will need to close the blinds in hot weather. This defeats the object of having windows. Blinds also need cleaning and collect dust.

Window film reflects heat away before it enters your conservatory. It is installed directly onto the glass and natural light is let in. Your residents or guests can then enjoy the views in comfort. Keeping your windows clean is easy too. Simply clean the windows as you would as part of your current routine.

Reflective or tinted film?

Effectively both films act as sunglasses for your conservatory or atrium. If it is excess heat you are most concerned about then reflective films are generally more effective than tinted films keeping your room cool. Their metalised coating reflects sunlight and heat away before penetrating through glass making the room uncomfortable. If it is just excess glare that concerns you then tinted films are a great solution. Making reading, conversations and relaxing in your conservatory much easier by significantly reducing direct sunlight into your room.

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