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Increase safety and security by installing Safety Window Film

Safety Window Film increases the strength of glass by holding broken glass in place after an impact. This can be accidental or deliberate. How strong you need the window film will depend on your requirements. Abbey Protect’s window film is manufactured from single or multiple layers of tough, clear polyester film, which is then overlaid together in a variety of constructions to increase strength.

Protect from damage, theft and even blast

The desire to have natural, welcoming buildings with lots of natural light can come at a cost. Glass is easier to break accidentally or deliberately. It is often the case that burglars or vandals access a property through glass whether it is a window, door panel or glass door.

We can protect your building from the most determined burglar or even bomb blast through our range of safety window film products.

The threat of attack is very real. Yet it is far more likely windows are broken by accident or weather related incidents. Our window film can protect people and property from being injured or damaged from from flying glass.

If your business is in an area where graffiti is a problem, when vandals strike, the transparent film is peeled away –along with the graffiti.

Window Film benefits:

  • Improved security
  • Protection all year round
  • 10-year warranty
  • More cost effective than replacing all the windows in your building
  • Clean and quick installation with minimum of disruption
  • No additional maintenance.

How does the Window Film work?

Safety and security window films act as an added protective layer, strengthening the glass structure and making it more difficult to break. If the glass is attacked the safety window film also secures shards and splinters reducing the risk of injury or even death from broken glass shattering.

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