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Privacy Window Film

Adding privacy window film to existing glass is an excellent way to control the privacy in your home. It could be as simple as preventing people from looking in, a stylish solution to separate a room or to protect your modesty. At Abbey Protect Window Film we have a number of options with a number of benefits:

  • Add one or two way privacy
  • Quick installation with no fuss
  • No on-going maintenance
  • If you no longer need privacy the film can be removed

One Way Privacy Film

One-way privacy film can be used to keep prying eyes away from whatever you don’t want them to see. You can also maintain the outward view with natural light and a view of what is happening around you without becoming isolated.

How does one-way privacy work?

It is the difference in lighting that makes the mirror affect work. One side of the window needs to be brighter than the other. Effectively during the day you can see out but people cannot see in. In the evening the effect is reversed.

Decorative privacy window

Privacy windows don’t just have to keep people out, they can also be decorative. Abbey Protect Window Film we have a range of privacy window film in a range of patterns and frosting to suit your branding and building’s environment.

2-Way Privacy Window Film

2-Way Privacy Window Film is ideal areas where complete privacy is required. In a commercial environment this may be a laboratory, interview room or server room for example. At home this may be a shower room, bedroom or office.
Two-way window film helps block out up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays and combined with window safety film it can add strength and protection to your home

Key benefits of 2-way privacy window film

  • Maintain access to natural light
  • Can be retro fitted to any building type
  • Remove, replace or update when needed
  • Ensure your building is compliant with health & safety requirements
  • Protect occupants from the sun’s harmful rays

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