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Theft prevention safety window film

Safety window film provides the first line of defence when thwarting burglars. Windows, glass doors, glass panels are often a weakness in a building. Abbey Protect’s safety window film provides security by hindering burglars when attempting to break in. It will take considerable time and effort to break through this line of defence.

Strength and integrity

Instead of having bars or grilles that obstruct views and compromise the design integrity of your home, our safety and security films are barely noticeable. They’re designed to strengthen and help protect vulnerable windows and doors whilst keeping the light, views and maintaining the integrity of your home.

Our range of films are engineered for strength. The strength comes from heavy-duty polyester that’s bonded to surfaces using strong adhesives. Once installed, safety and security film protect against deliberate attacks, accidents and extreme weather.How does Security Film work?

Safety window film adheres to the window and acts as a protective layer. The security window film also helps to secure shards and splinters if the glass should shatter from an unwanted security threat or accident.

Exterior Security

Exterior safety and security window films deliver impressive protection against theft or intrusion, natural disasters and everyday accidents. Beyond this our exterior window films add a tough, shatter-resistant layer that significantly enhances glass performance in high-impact conditions.

Additionally our window films contain a strong, scratch-resistant coating enabling them to cope with the everyday demands exterior windows are exposed to.

How is energy saving window film installed?

The window is thoroughly cleaned and using a soapy solution the film is applied. Once in place the water is forced out and left to dry naturally to make a firm fit.

Do I need to take special measures to clean the film?

No, just clean your windows as often as you normally would with soap and water.

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