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Keep Out The Sun’s Harmful Rays

Many of today’s homes incorporate more glass. Whether it is integrated into the architectural design or extensions such as conservatories or orangeries. This means a lot more natural light gets into the property, which can be damaging for the people inside and also the furnishings. Solar Control Window Film can support our natural desire for light and protect from solar heat, glare, and harmful UV rays.

Through the very latest in window film technology Abbey Protect Window Films will allow you to filter much of the solar spectrum. This means you can keep as much of the natural light as possible

Benefits of Solar Window Films

  • Heat reflection – increase comfort by reducing solar energy by up to 85%  in the summertime which reduces issues from the building’s occupants
  • Fade reduction – Window film helps protect furniture, carpets and clothing from fading.
  • Energy saving – by blocking solar-heat and insulating buildings solar control window film stabilises temperatures. As a result, heating and cooling systems use less energy.
  • Reduce glare – create a more screen-friendly environment in your home or office by reducing glare and depending on the window film product you can choose by how much you want to reduce glare by.
  • Block UV Rays – Our solar control window films can offer UV protection up to 99%.

Additional benefits include energy efficiency – keeping heat inside during the colder months and reflecting the UV rays out in the summer, meaning your AC unit won’t need to be plugged in all day!

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