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Energy-Saving Window Film

Energy Saving Window film keeps the warmth inside during colder months and the sun’s heat away in summer.

Using window film means comfort and cost effectiveness go hand-in-hand when it comes to heating and cooling your workplace. Much of your business’ energy is lost through its windows and doors than anywhere else.

How Does it Work?

Energy saving window film works by reflecting solar heat before entering your premises. This keeps the temperature more comfortable, reducing the need for air conditioning and cutting energy usage and costs.

In winter, windows and doors account for around 18% to 20% of the heat loss from your business. By providing an invisible thermal shield prevents heat loss from your premises from escaping through the windows.

Reducing Energy Costs

Our window film will be actively reducing your energy costs all year round. Overall, window film can lower your energy costs by 40%. Investing in window film now would mean in the long term you could recoup the costs which makes perfect business sense. It’s the ideal choice for offices, schools and colleges to keep staff and students comfortable throughout the year.

Choosing and Installing Window Film

We have a range of energy saving window films in a variety of finishes and grades depending on your premises’ requirements. You can vary the level of heat and light you let in and out.

Our fully trained and experienced team of fitters will carry out installations from large office blocks and manufacturing premises to homes. This includes large panels and expanses of glass, and specialist installations such as roof glass and windows at height.

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