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Bomb Blasts & Accidental Blasts in the Workplace

The vast majority of injuries from an explosion are caused by glass shards blown out from the shockwave generated. However, blasts inside or outside buildings are not always caused by deliberate acts of terrorism. Accidents during the manufacturing process or chemical reactions can also cause blasts. Bomb blast window film is one precaution that can be taken to mitigate the effects of an explosion.

Bomb Blast Window Film

Abbey Protect’s high specification security and safety window films reduce the impact and devastating effects of a bomb blast or industrial explosion. Blast window film is made from thicker polyester than standard safety film, making the glass shatter resistant.

Our protective blast window film offers a range is tested and certified to European and International standards. Our film is regularly used within Government, defence and commercial sectors where individuals and properties need extra protection.

Saving Lives and Saving Energy

Preventing injury and saving lives is the primary function of our bomb blast window film. However, when combined with solar window film they can save energy, too. This additional benefit can help save your organisation money and maintain the comfort and integrity of the environment for your staff and customers.

Identifying the Risks

Our Security Team can help you identify the risks to your organisation. We can carry out an audit of your building and identify vulnerabilities and risks based on your location and sector. From here we will recommend  the level of blast protection your building needs.

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