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UV Window Film

Abbey Protect’s window film is designed to reduce ultra violet light. Colours can fade in furnishings and artefacts. In fact 40% of fading in furnishings is cause by exposure to UV light. Putting this right can be expensive. Clear UV window film filters out approximately 99% of this UV light.

UV rays can also cause damage to the eyes and skin. Abbey Protect Window Films are perfect for buildings were expensive artefacts and furnishings need to be protected. Museums, art galleries and heritage buildings may need to protect expensive paintings, photographs and other artworks from fading. Laboratories too need help to help prevent UV rays compromising experiments and this is where Abbey Protect Window Film’s specialist UV film is ideal.

Protecting your skin

On a hot summer’s day we would protect ourselves from harmful UV rays with clothing, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen.

When inside a building, we often forget that if we sit by a window those same UV rays can come straight through and damage our skin.

This UV radiation is present all year round and Abbey Protect’s Window Film can reduce harmful UVA and UVB rays by 99%. Through solar control window film we can also help you reduce energy costs and maintain room temperature too.

Window Film UK Installation Team

Abbey Protect’s Window Film team installs specialist fade protection Window Films, in museums, homes, heritage buildings, offices and public buildings. We understand you want to maintain the integrity of your building and we work very carefully with you to not only ensure UV film is applied appropriately but there is minimum disruption to your organisation or home.

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